The Year Moves Quickly

The Children Are Restless

29 March
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digital scrapbooking, dr. who, mythbusters, psych
I used to be a Stargate fan, but am no longer. I mostly watch nonfiction/science television these days, or mysteries, or Haven and Castle, Psych...that's about it, I think. And Mythbusters when it's on!

That's twisted, putting my TV preferences up first. I also am getting back into reading after a long vacation of not finding anything that interested me in the stores or libraries. I write for Hathor Legacy, mostly reviewing books, but sometimes movies. I've got two children. One in high school (OMG) and another in fourth grade. They're both highly intelligent and creative, and I'll keep them while I can.

What's my journal about? Let's see...just about everything in my life, including news, what I'm reading,sometimes my kids (those are usually friendslocked though) and digital scrapbooking and whatever else goes.
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